Dotixa is a company that has been in the making for many years…

Dotixa?  What is that?  Companies need names, something people will remember or relate to.  My wife was creating a new email account and combined the first 2 letters of her name and our kid’s names.  When giving people her email address they would often say, Dotixa that is a good company name.

When the time finally came to create a company, it made sense to use Dotixa.  Personally, the name means a lot to me and should be memorable for most people due to the “What the…” factor.

I know of a few successful companies with made up names based upon loved ones.  It worked for them, should work for me. Right!?  If just having a great name was enough…

Dotixa has been around since 2015 providing boutique management consulting services, helping companies improve their execution and solve complex problems with viable and sustainable solutions, primarily based on Theory of Constraints (TOC) principles with some lean thrown in.  If you are interested in finding out more about our consulting services please reach out to us via the contact us page or LinkedIn.

In 2018 we added online retailing to the business.  We are just getting started with online retailing and have big plans, hence the addition of Industries – Dotixa Industries , sounds huge doesn’t it?

We offer modern, competitive priced household, office and industrial furniture, shelving and flammable goods storage cabinets.  How we offer our products and range will evolve as we believe the way products are offered it too limited.  Customers often must compromise as they can’t get exactly what they need.

To keep up with our latest information, you can follow our company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Trevor Calder